Grading failed when submitting the assignment

grading failed error when trying to submit week 4 assignment. I am trying to submit every day but same issue.

Is it showing any error the grader?

Yes it is saying grading error for every test case and marked 0/100

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Make sure you have the latest copy of the assignment and if need be reset it and redo it from beginning!

Yes it is latest copy and my friend is facing the same issue

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It shows grading failed please try again after some time while we look at resolving this issue!

Any error other than just failed, what else does the grader display?

@gent.spah @SREENIVAS_JAWALKAR same issue here. Did you guys find a solution?

@sergiossm you have to provide details of the issue you are facing or where you doubt the issue could be, otherwise its very hard for us to provide help!

I would like to share screenshot could you assist me how to share?

there’s an upload button use it

hey thank you shubham

i have passed the test cases successfully but it marked 0/10.

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No we did not get the solution

Did anyone got the solution

All test cases are passed but still got the error after submitting it and I am stuck this assignment last couple of weeks but unable to solve it

is anyone know how to fixed it

No we did not get the solution

Did you find any solution to this problem? Facing exactly the same issue with this assignment.

No we did not find the solution