Graph ML Project

Hello Everyone,

I was working on a project called GraphiaX.

GraphiaX is a tool designed to enhance code understanding by transforming code into graphs, developers can visualize and comprehend complex structures with ease. You can simply enter the repository URL link, and the code is transformed into an intuitive graph representation.

Now the project is compatible with ReactJS only.

You can see the video for more clarity: GraphiaX.mp4 - Google Drive

I see it as very interesting to integrate Graph Machine Learning into GraphiaX, as well as try to integrate other languages. GraphiaX is a tool made by Developers for Developers.

I can give more details if some people are interested in it.

@Mohyiddine_Dilmi That sound interesting. Mind to share the use case you have in mind when you develop this project? Thanks

Sure @chuaal ,

Discord: mr.44_

Or you can send me where you wanna connect.