Happy model week 1 assignment 2

File “”, line 34
X_input = Input(64,64,3)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Getting this error in happy model . please help .

There is no variable “X_input” used in the happyModel() function.
And you don’t need an “Input” layer in the happyModel() function.

When you get a syntax error at the beginning of a line, it typically means something is wrong (incomplete) on the previous line. Check for things like missing close parens or some other form of incomplete syntax.

Unable to figure it out. Tried a lot. Someone, please help me figure out this.

Thanks, Satish. Once Apica gets a solution here, please both of you edit your posts to remove the source code. It is sometimes necessary for debugging, but we aren’t supposed to leave it sitting around for everyone to see on the forums. The Honor Code says that we aren’t supposed to share code publicly and we should all submit our own work. Thanks!

Thank you, Paul and Satish.
However, I am still getting the following error :slight_smile:

File “”, line 35
model = tf.keras.Sequential([
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

That kind of error at the beginning of a line usually means you have something incomplete on the previous line. E.g. a missing close paren or some other form of incomplete syntax.