Has anyone installed google trax either in windows or mac?

I have just completed NLPS course and would like to pursue my own projects. But the things that I learned in the course were practiced using Google’s Trax but within the Coursera’s environment.

I know the Trax will not run on Windows. But there are suggestions to use WSL2 to install it. I tried all things that could found by googling. But everything stops at installing jaxlib which is failing may be for a good reason.

Has anybody installed the trax either on Windows or Mac successfully?

Please forward only those links that really worked for you. If I can’t install the trax package on either of my personal machines then I will not be able to use the knowledge gained in the course effectively.


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Looks like @Ken_Otwell has done almost exactly that and shared his experience (ok its Linux but still…)

Good on ya Ken!

ps: it certainly looks like the trax folks believe it can run on Windows…


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I’ve run conda environments with jupyter notebooks on windows before, but everytime I start using a new tensorflow or pytorch package or toolkit I hit so many problems with compatabilities and idiosyncrancies that I finally just gave up and installed Mint Linux on a new partition. 98% of my headaches went away, and I get to keep up my Linux skills to boot. And I haven’t had to compile anything from source - unlike Windows. YMMV.

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