Having a tough time with Shear Plot C1_W4

Hello everyone

My shear plot looks strange although I think I am providing the right values for A_shear_x. A_shear_x = np.array([[1,0],[0.5,1]])

My plot looks like this

Any hints on what I could be doing incorrectly?

Thanks in advance

Same issue for me. But I guess it’s correct. There are two eigenvalues 𝜆=1 , that are equal to each other. Thus, shear transformation has only one eigenvector. Here there is no change in the x-direction, and any other vector outside of the 𝑂𝑥 line will be sheared, so they cannot be eigenvectors.

Looking for confirmation of my thought please :slight_smile:

Hello @Gaetan593

I guess there is a problem with the shear plot in the assignment, but the test doesn’t pass and I don’t get any marks for this exercise :(. TAs, any comments please?

Also, you’re right that it has only one eigenvector. The reflection exercise results in 2 eigenvectors (and 2 eigenvalues).


Facing the same problem with Shear. Tests are failing. Did you guys manage to get past that?

@renusubs how did you calculate the values of the matrix, I am having hard time even finding the solution