Having issue about Palm API key with course: Building Multimodal Search and RAG, Document is not helpful

In the course it keeps using ‘EMBEDDING_API_KEY’ in. the header as below, but the question is how can I get this so called EMBEDDING_API_KEY? Seems the Palm will be deprecated soon and no matter what I tried with Gemini API key or other Google AI keys, it never worked. Any advise? Thanks.

client = weaviate.connect_to_embedded(
“ENABLE_MODULES”: “backup-filesystem,multi2vec-palm”,
“BACKUP_FILESYSTEM_PATH”: “/home/jovyan/work/backups”,

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I’m having a similar problem. Searching for the answer now. If I find something useful, I’ll let you know.

Well, I haven’t gotten it working yet, but this Weaviate documentation seems to indicate that version 1.24.4 is not the most recent. The class used that older version which used different headers:

The Weaviate documentation linked above seems to list the steps to get the Vertex AI API key. I’m working through that now.

I’m having the same problem here