Having trouble to get desired output

{moderator edit: code link removed}

Hello Rajeev,

You are not suppose to share any part of the code related to your assignment and/or assignment which grades your work. It is against community guides. Kindly go through Code of Conduct guidelines in order to prevent such mistakes.

Rather you can share a screenshot of your output with the expected or desired output, so one can know variation in your results. Explain briefly your issue always, so there is holistic effort in addressing your issue.

any mentor would ask you for your assignment notebook via personal DM. Click on my name and then message to send the assignment.

P.S. usually expected output differ from your output when there will disparities in code recall related any steps. Kindly review your codes from starting where you can make a change to get a different result. If unable to get, share your notebook with me via personal DM.


Also note that you filed this thread under DLS Course 4 (ConvNets), but I took a quick look at the notebook and it looks completely unfamiliar to me, so I doubt it is from DLS C4. If you are still having trouble with whatever this assignment is, please file another thread showing the error output as Deepti suggested, but please put it under the relevant category. That will improve your chances that someone with the right background to answer will notice your question and respond.

Dear Paul,

I would like to express my gratitude for your suggestion and assistance. Your help is greatly appreciated. As per your recommendation, I will create a new thread with the error output under the relevant category. I apologize for any confusion caused regarding the course. Once again, thank you for your valuable input.