Hello AI World! Ananya from San Francisco! Let's talk about AI and do projects together!

Hey folks! I am Ananya. A Data Scientist passionate about Gen AI and LLMs and can’t wait to learn more about the topics for their profound implications for the future.

Hello Ananya! I am Archisman. I am just beginning my journey in Machine Learning and AI, and alongside I am keen to learn about Gen AI as well. I’d love to learn more on those topics and it would be great to have you as my learning and project buddy.

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Sure! Let’s learn

Hello Ananya
My name is Ranjan . I am a web developer from India.
I have also recently started to learn about AI and I am a newbie for now.
I am looking to earn some extra money along side my main job and hence looking for opportunities in AI to do so.
Would love to collaborate.

Do you have any opportunities ?
If yes please do share it