Hello All! I am DanteShakespere

Hello Deeplearning.AI Community,

I am DanteShakesperetheElder and I am excited to be stepping into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence, and to embark on this learning journey with all of you. I am a newbie in the realm of AI, so know that I come with genuine curiosity and a deep desire to understand how this transformative technology works.

My background might be rooted in other aspects of computer sciences, but my passion for AI has driven me to explore its intricacies and applications. The potential for innovation and the impact AI can have on various fields have captured my imagination, motivating me to dive into the world of deep learning and neural networks.

I am a firm believer in the power of community and collaborative learning, and Iā€™m here not just to acquire knowledge but to actively engage with fellow learners. I look forward to absorbing insights, tackling challenges, and celebrating milestones together as we navigate the exciting landscape of artificial intelligence.

With All Sincerity,



Hi @DanteShakespere

Welcome to the community.

Greetings from Brazil