Hello dear fellow (deep) learner!

Hello! I am Fabrizio from Italy, I just started the 2nd course after ending the first, and I want to say hello to other learners that are walking through this courses! My first encounter with AI was about 20 years ago, my thesis was about a n-gram text categorizer, but I lost contact with the AI community since then. I honestly didn’t think the AI community could reach some amazing results in this fields so soon, so I need to make up for the lost time!
See you in this forum, hope you all are ok!

Ciao Fabrizio! Welcome - I’ve also just finished the first course and getting stuck into the second course today. A bit like you I had a brush with AI during my PhD on Ecology Data dimensionality reduction and have lost touch with it since. See you around hopefully :slight_smile:

Hi Gunnar, nice to meet you!
I am having a bit of a hard time with the 1st lab of the 2nd course because I am not a great Python programmer (I come from Java mostly).
Hopefully see you around and maybe we could help each other.

I’m from Brazil and it is all new to me.
It is good to know that the community is here to help each other.

Good journey to all :smiley: