Hello Everyone! This is Subhankar from India

Hello everyone,

I’m thrilled to join the Deeplearning.AI community! My name is Subhankar, and I hail from India. With a background in Aeronautical Engineering, specifically focusing on Computational Fluid Dynamics, I’ve always been fascinated by interdisciplinary science and engineering.

For the past year and a half, I’ve immersed myself in the realms of AI and Data Science as a software engineer and instructor. My journey led me to complete the NLP Specialization course offered by Deeplearning.AI, an experience that has been nothing short of fantastic.

Now, I’m eager to contribute to projects related to Machine Learning, Deep Learning, or Natural Language Processing while continuing to expand my knowledge and skills in these fields. Excited to collaborate and learn from this vibrant community!

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Welcome @sg130495

Wishing you an excited and productive learning journey.

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Hi @Deepti_Prasad,

Can you please provide me with a process overview or guidelines to join any community projects?

That will be helpful.