🇰🇿 Hello from Kazakhstan

Hi there!

My name is Maxim, I’m from Almaty, Kazakhstan. I’m a senior backend engineer writing in Python with 7+ years of experience, and I’m excited to learn about AI, it’s practical application in the modern world and it’s future perspectives. I also believe it’s the best time to start an AI-company in Kazakhstan, and I would like to ride that wave.

It seems to me that it might be kind of late to learn AI to head the movement, but I also see that this learning is inevitable and best time to start was right now.

I’m also interested in joining or creating a local learners community. I’m physically based in Almaty, but considering KZ-wide communities too. You can reach me in telegram as @cyphy.

Wish you all good luck!

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Welcome to the community @metheoryt. It’s not too late. Left to me I’ll say you’re right on time. Happy to have you here. Hope we all learn together.

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Hi @metheoryt

Welcome to the community!

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