Hello - Healthcare Industry

Hi all,
My name is Hector Bruno from PR. My background is from healthcare industry, health insurance, graduate professor and entrepreneurship. My educational background is MBA, Master in Sleep Medicine and Master in Digital Marketing and E Commerce. Owner of 2 sleep labs in PR and 1 in Tampa, Fl. 30 beds among them. At my 64 years I will learn this topic from the beginning and will share and benefit (Mostly) from everybody here knowledge. Sleep technology is moving to AI for interpretation of polysomnograms and I am interested in understanding the background, benefits and cost-effectiveness of AI in Sleep. Best regards! Hector


Your interest in learning about the integration of AI in sleep technology is inspiring. The potential benefits and cost-effectiveness of AI in sleep analysis are indeed fascinating topics.

Your willingness to share and learn from others in this community is greatly appreciated, and I’m sure your valuable insights will enrich our discussions.

I’m interested in joining you for this project and look forward to collaborating with you.

my contact : https://www.linkedin.com/in/sameer104/