Help i need training

i am new to the community i need gain projet free for training

Welcome to the community! I’m not sure I understand whether you are looking for free classes to learn more about Machine Learning or whether you are looking for projects that you can work on to improve your skills.

Of the courses offered here, most of the “specializations” that have programming assignments require a subscription to access the assignments, although there is financial aid available through Coursera. But I believe you can take any of the courses in “audit” mode without paying, which means you can watch all the lectures and read the course materials, except for the graded portions (quizzes and programming assignments).

The newer “short” courses which are mostly focussing on how to use LLMs seem to be free for now at least.

If you are looking for ML/DL projects to work on, there are a number of sites that provide “challenge” projects. One good place to look is Kaggle, but there are more. ImageNet is another website with a lot of valuable data and information, but mostly focussed on image and vision related projects. I recently heard of Omdena as well, but have not looked at any of their projects yet.

If I am not correctly understanding your question, please respond with more clarification.