Help me thal code line 16

(Solution code removed, as posting it publicly is against the honour code of this community, regardless if it is correct or not)

This is my code my program is running complete counting all train thought it passed them but no I still fail
Error when I submit
Code Cell 16: You have an incorrect value for ‘thal’ variable. We expected a value of ‘VocabularyListCategoricalColumn(key=‘thal’, vocabulary_list=(‘fixed’, ‘normal’, ‘reversible’), dtype=tf.string, default_value=-1, num_oov_buckets=0)’ and you have ‘[‘fixed’, ‘normal’, ‘reversible’]’.

Hi SauTruong,

Try using the feature_column.categorical_column_with_vocabulary_list when defining thal before creating the thal_one_hot.

Hope this helps.