Help me to understand the purpose of 'h5py' package?

In all the deep learning projects, people are always using ‘.h5’ format files, what is it?, why should we use this format?, and is there any other formats for storing images and classes in dataset format?

Please see this link.

Thanks, it’s really useful

Thanks, Balaji. Note that the “meta” lesson here is that “google is your friend”. You could easily have found the link Balaji gave for yourself by googling, e.g. “h5 file python”.

There are also other formats you can use. Other common ones are zip files and tar files. Those are general purpose compressed “archive” formats which allow you to package an entire tree of files into a single “archive” file for convenience. Then you can “unpack” it when you want to use the actual component files. If you’d like to know more, try googling “zip file for images” or “tar file for images”.