Help Please!

Hello Guys,

I am a healthcare profession and I don’t know too much on the computer technology side of things. I am not able to complete the last lab work assignment and no make how many attempts i made i keep failing.

Can some one please help me


Hi @Hari_Nallapaneni,

I believe the first things to be asked here are, as you mentioned you “don’t know too much on the computer technology side of things”:

  • Are you familiar with programming ?
  • Do you experience writing code before ?
  • Do you have conceptual/technical understanding of AI ? (techniques and algorithms)

If your answer is no to any one of these, then you’ll be having a hard time completing this course and rest of the specialisation. It would be recommended then, that you first get yourself familiarised with these things before taking this course.

As for help, this community is filled with people willing to help you every step of the way.