Help! The assignment in DLS Course 1, week 2, Python Basics with Numpy

Hello, I am a new learner of the DLS, and I just with a very basic experience of python and no background of DL when I want to finish my first programming assignment in Week 2, Python Basics with Numpy, Exercise 2 - basic_sigmoid. I just don’t know what the means of the following code want me to do and to test. I just don’t understand the meanings and what to input.

import math
from public_tests import *

GRADED FUNCTION: basic_sigmoid

def basic_sigmoid(x):
Compute sigmoid of x.

x -- A scalar

s -- sigmoid(x)
# (≈ 1 line of code)
# s = 


return s

Hello @Fei_Xing
For the below question

:point_up_2: This tells you x is your input variable

:point_up_2: tells you s is output variable which is sigmoid of x

:point_up_2: tells you number of lines of code you need to write is approx. 1

:point_up_2: tells you between ‘your code starts here’ and ‘your code ends here’ you need to write an one line code

Hope I have answered to your question and Hope this helps!!!

Yes. That works for me. And also after google, I find the resolutions. Thanks