Help with the Practice Lab of Week 3

Hello all,

I have passed all materials of Weeks 1, 2, 3 but I stumbled upon a few problems in the Practice Lab of Week 3, which actually is a part of learning…

So I would like to ask your help (seek a mentor) in terms of sharing my screen of what I did wrong in the Assignment Project.

My issues:

1.) Question 4 of the graded part seeks from us to make a prediction. Making a mistake here leads to a chain reaction of the next 2 cells being wrong.

2.) Question 5 seeks the Regularized linear regression, telling me I got a wrong output and that leads to a chain reaction of the next cell being wrong.

3.) Question 6 seeks the gradient descent for regularized linear regression. Next cells hit assertion errors for me.

4.) Finally the 3.8 part of the project hit also an error as a result

I would like to know how to share my screen with a mentor and in what medium in terms of asynchronous communication we’ll communicate the feedback.

Since I did half of the project correct (Questions 1, 2, 3) I did not get grades in my first submission so I ask for your help.

I would appreciate your timely response as time is running out and the deadline is January 30.

Looking forward for your reply

Thanks in advance!


Can you send screenshots of the code in a direct message and I’ll take a look.