Hi, I’m Wesley from Paris, France

Hi there hope you’re all doing well,
I’m currently changing my professional career, and so I start the next eight February, a brand new formation to become a prompt engineer.

It’s a very new job opportunity and so there is few insights about it. So a lot of question crossed my mind such as :

  • The training last only two days is it enough to learn this job?
  • I’ve learned on my own about the semantic of NLP program, but don’t know anything about python language is it going to slow me down in my future career?

I can’t wait to read you and I hope to get some answers. By the way, if you (prompt engineer or else) have any insight about the job, let me know it would be much appreciate.

Also, if you have some advice to help me have the best tools or weapon to help me along my career I’m all ear as well!

Bless you all and very happy to find this new forum! I sincerely hope that it will be a step up in our life or career !

Bless you all,


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