Hi, I'm Sara, an aspiring data scientist

Hello everyone​:wave:, my name is Sara, I am an ADE student passionate about AI and data analysis :robot:. I aspire to be a data scientist and believe that AI is a breakthrough for humanity​:muscle:.

I want to learn, collaborate on projects, and increase my value in the job market​:facepunch:. I am open to meeting people with similar interests​:sparkles:.

I’m thrilled to be here​:smile:!

A little about me​:thinking::

  • ADE student with a background in management and statistics​:briefcase:.
  • Passionate about technology and its ability to improve our lives​:dizzy:.
  • Looking for new projects and continuous learning​:woman_student:.
    If you share my interests, let’s connect​:hugs:!

Welcome to the community!

Question: What is an “ADE student”?