Hi. My name is Park jiseok. I'm from korea

Hello,I’m glad to join this AI community.

My goal is to become a financial AI consultant, and I would like to share my background and experiences that have led me to this point.

  1. Financial Experience:I have spent the past four years working at a major bank, where I gained extensive experience in various aspects of the financial industry. During this time, I was involved in client asset management, risk analysis, and financial product development, which deepened my understanding of the finance sector.

  2. Technical Education:During my undergraduate studies, I completed courses in Big Data, Python, and Machine Learning. These courses provided me with a solid foundation in data analysis and machine learning algorithms. I also worked on practical projects that helped me gain hands-on experience, which has been invaluable in my current work.

  3. Integrating AI with Finance:I am passionate about leveraging AI technology to enhance efficiency and accuracy in the financial industry. I am particularly interested in financial data analysis, risk management, and predictive modeling. My goal is to maximize the potential of AI in these areas.

  4. Collaboration with the Community:By joining this AI community, I aim to stay updated with the latest technological trends and network with various experts. This interaction will be instrumental in my growth as a financial AI consultant. Additionally, I hope to contribute to the community by sharing my own experiences and knowledge.

  5. Future Goals:My ultimate goal is to provide innovative AI solutions to the financial industry as a financial AI consultant. To achieve this, I plan to actively engage in this AI community, continually learning and applying the latest technologies to real-world financial business scenarios.

I look forward to being a part of this community and growing together with all of you. Thank you.

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