Highly overwhelmed with the whole object detection in this week!

I’ve been working on the Tensorflow techniques for quite some time now. I’ve not been exposed to object detection, segmentation and stuff before. I’ve done simple classifications though. I was able to complete the 2nd week assignment even though I did not completely understand the whole code. Is this normal or what should I do now. I do understand the concepts behind it, but finding it difficult to execute it in code.

Hi @Kirang96,

As you understand the concepts, the code is just reading the documentation of the functions used! You can do it!

Best of luck!

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Thank you for your reply.
Knowing the underlying concept and being able to execute it in code is completely different scenario I presume. How do I go about learning this code wise? I do not even understand the bounding box function given in the assignment. Do I create a new project with all these same things to learn it?

Hi Kirang96. It is good you are thinking about getting mastery over the code. Could you be more specific with your problems with the bounding box function? Thank you.

I felt that it was a pretty long code and found myself unable to replicate the code. So I’m feeling that I’m not doing something so I could be able to code more easily/

Hi @Kirang96, I get where you’re coming from. I also had to finish the course without fully understanding the object detection code. However after that, I decided to go through the entire codebase again this time round only focusing on the technique being used and why we were taking certain actions rather the the syntax of the code itself. And guess what, taking that approach not only helped me understand fully what was happening but it also paved the way to understanding the codebase.

Do not focus on the code too much after all the syntax can easily be googled. Focus more on the approach and what each element is doing. That should get you on you feet to understanding it on a deeper level.

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Thank you @Atia , I would definitely try that approach. Seems logical than reading each line of code.