How can I be ready for a job

I’m now take deep learning specialization I’m in course 4 convNet
if I’m now full time learner , what I should learn after DLs and how long it take to be job ready???

Hello @Mubarak_Ibrahim,

There is the newsletter The Batch @ DeepLearning.AI
At the bottom you can find section:

Join the teams that are bringing AI to the world! Check out job openings at DeepLearning.AI, AI Fund, and Landing AI.

I think it is a good idea to have a look on the available positions there and check what kind of skills and requirements are in the job offers.
Maybe it would be worth to apply and check if you will be invited for any if the interview - that would great to experience how looks interview for such position and what is expected from candidate.


Hey @Lukasz_Bieganski. The best way to get noticed and create a ‘job ready’ resume is to start applying your knowledge by building applications using LLMs. You can also structure your thoughts via a blog and start participating in communities as a volunteer. I landed my first international assignment doing the above and you should too. All the best!


Thank you :pray:

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