How can we know the 'human-level error' in actual case?

Hi, I’m learning a deep learning through these courses, and getting a lot of useful knowledges.
Thank you for providing this cool lectures.

I have a question about the ‘human-level error’.
In a real field dataset, how can I get the human-level error?
For example, if the model’s goal is predict certain value, I mean if it is a regression model, how can I get the human-level error?

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Hey @for_east,
Welcome to the community. There have been a great many discussions in the Deep Learning Specialization in the past, regarding what to do in the absence of any human-level performance. Here are some posts for your reference:

You will find that these posts share a great deal of knowledge regarding your query, so let me know, if these help.


Human level error can be found by making the human to perform the task. So in your example, if the field dataset is given to a human for prediction, then with what error level the human is predicting all the data in the dataset, gives the human error level.