How do you access labs in Course era

How do you access labs in Course era

Hi I’m also a little confused here. I’ve upgraded to a trial Coursera Plus but still have no access to submit assignments or quizzes?? It’s asking me to upgrade and pay £39 to get a certificate?? Is this how it works…Im starting on AI for everyone but planning on doing all the courses…so that’s a lot of extras…I’ve read the FAQ but was hoping deep learning team can clarify how they think it works?

The labs are included in the course materials for each week.

Typically the labs are only available if you have a paid subscription or financial aid.

Hi thanks. Yes I got that bit but seems a plus subscription doesn’t cover this and you need to also pay for each individual course? I will also ask Coursera but just wanted to check as you’re offering all these amazing free to enroll courses so was just a little confused by then needing to buy each one to do the quizzes etc…Im new to Coursera so excuse the questions if that’s how it works…thanks for the awesome training

“Free to enroll” doesn’t mean you get everything for free. You can audit most courses for free, but that doesn’t include getting access to the graded assignments.

Sorry, but I’m not familiar with Coursera’s subscription levels.

Best to ask the Coursera Help Center.