How long will the assignment training take?

I’ve been training the neural net for one hour and its passed only 4 epochs. Anyone who has passed the assignment can you suggest how much time will it take?

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The collab reached its maximum and disconnected after only 5 epochs.

Hey @Dharamraj_Tiwari,

Make sure that you are using the GPU provided by colab.

Hello dharmraj,

If you followed all the instructions as per given in the assignment and connected to GPU, it should not take too much time, and as you must have already tried many attempts, the colab is getting disconnected.

Kindly try the next day, to run your training model but before that make sure you have followed all the instructions given in the assignment like especially your train_GAN, optimizer, discriminator and generator.

One more hint, while it tells you to select number of images from your training model, one might not be able to pass the grader, so I ended up adding all the images and submit my model which eventually helped me to pass the grader.


same for me, even after increasing the epochs, to pass the grader I was forced to return not 16 but 31 images
I log the discreminator loss and epoch after epoch it was reducing, which sounds goud, but still impossible to pass the grader with 16 images
Maybe I should add accuracy metric to discreminator to figure out when I am ready to submit to the grader ?