How to circulate and structure discourse about AI from the ground up

I recently started a new Customer Experience role that affords quite a bit of access to different areas of the company. The company sees advantage in leveraging AI in many different areas, and I’ve heard there is a committee that is meeting semi-regularly to discuss, spitballing ideas. Assuming I can join this committee, what would be the best way to encourage more structured deeper collaboration, and how can we create a framework for deciding what to action? Since my function is in CX (and a background in UX), I want to ensure that ultimately the output and resulting programs involving AI, provide true value to the end customers and audiences.

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I would start with a deep understanding of the current AI landscape in the enterprise. This understanding will help you identify gaps where your CX and UX experience can make a difference. By leveraging your expertise, you can effectively communicate the importance of AI-driven solutions that meet users’ needs while enhancing their overall experience.

It is a good idea to Bringing together a diverse range of representatives from various departments, including CX, UX, IT, and marketing, ensures a comprehensive perspective on discussions. This diversity promotes comprehensive decision making and holistic problem solving.

In my opinion, rather than relying on spontaneous brainstorming, encouraging committee members to do more research and brainstorming before meetings is a good approach. This turns discussions into informed deliberations, thus increasing the value generated.

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