How to discuss or ask about my projects

Hi, this is Kim.

I’m working for a Electronics company in South Korea.

One year ago, I got to know about Machine Learning through Andrew ng’s courses.

And then, I’ve been learning hard,

recently, I’m applying some machine learning technique in my work region.

But, In my team no one knows about AI, I have to handle all of this work.

So, I’m looking for some community to ask or discuss of my project or questions.

If you know about some good place. Please reply or

email to

Best Regards,


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You can post in the “AI Projects” area of this discussion forum.

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Hello Kim, we can discuss in the place that Tom suggested! When you post a thread there, would be even better if you can share some example data or graphs to support the points that you want to discuss.


Glad to have you in our community! If you are looking to collaborate, feedback or start a project, you can go to this category. When you start to create a post, you will have a guide of what information to add to guide you.

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