How to parse_data_from_file - csv.reader

Does the csv.reader() return a list (iterable) of all sentences (if the delimiter='“.”) ? Is the first element of that iterable, which the csv.reader returns, a “header” that should be omitted or the label?

I am not sure if I fully understand this instruction: "csv.reader returns an iterable that returns each row in every iteration. So the label can be accessed via row[0] and the text via row[1].". Should I put the csv.reader inside a while-loop and then append “each row” (i.e. each sentence, if I understand it correctly) to a list? If yes, then I will run into a problem when I call the “remove_stopwords” function as it takes only strings as an argument and has the .lower() method inside that does not work on lists.

Also, when I tried to index the reader[0] or reader[1] I got an error “csv.reader is not subscriptable”.

Does this help?

Thanks, Balaji, for the link! It helped a lot. I also noticed the “Click for hints” after the “Expected output”, albeit after I resolved it, thanks to the link you gave me-:).