How to proceed after ML specialisation

I have completed the ML specialisation course recently and want to practice and learn more in this field. What could be the best way to proceed after this?

The Deep Learning Specialization is a natural step!

I’m not an expert in the field, as I am just starting this specialization. But you may want to look to see if there are open source projects you can contribute to. Or if you have an idea you’re passionate about, maybe start your own project and share with the community.


Hi @sriraj , as a tutor (for ESL, writing, and other realms outside of this realm), I would ask you about your long and near-term goals. As @Phito mentions, do you “have an idea that you’re passionate about”? If you want to apply ML to linguistic topics, for example (my area of interest), another specialization that might be of interest is the NLP specialization, although I think starting your own project is a super idea (just my opinion).

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You can obtain new data sets for practice from several sources:

  • Kaggle hosts a number of useful datasets and tutorials.
  • Online data sources are available, which provide labeled datasets for free. One popular site is the “UCI Machine Learning Repository”. You can find it with an internet searcch.

The NLP Specialization is best tackled after taking DLS, since it introduces a number of concepts that are expected by the NLP courses.

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Hello @kwiseth , Thanks a lot for your response. Iam actually a developer and want to learn ML / AI concepts to build some cool productive tools like may be friendly bots or some engaging tools for users. Im also interested in finance&trading, So I thought may be I could build something which helps in increasing the efficiency in trades (may be like building a AI indicator or something like financial advisor bot or suggesting trades by following news[if possible]). In the last case, I want to start freelancing in this field rather than in development as this seems interesting and helps me in making a side income i guess.

Although Im done with Machine Learning specialisation, I feel like Im still unsure on what kind of projects Im capable to build. So Im thinking to participate in kaggle competetions for a week or two.

Whats next? Should I start the DL specialisation or the CS224 (stanford course) on NLP? Im not sure whether the contents of both the courses are same or not! Although I wanna explore Computer vision, Im thinking to prioritise NLP first .Which course would help me to reach my goals faster ?
Thanks again!

The Machine Learning Specialization just scratches the surface of a variety of methods. It’s a good introduction.

DLS is a good next step. NLP after that if that’s your interest.

Faster is not necessarily better.

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Yup, Thanks. Will look into the DLS course !