How to start doing Kaggle projects

I want to start doing Kaggle projects. The most difficult part is the first 10% and the last 10%.
The first 10% – how to start? I read suggestions before that I should start from simple projects; but even so, which project and just how to go about it? I have absolutely no clue and hope to get advice from someone who already traversed many Kaggles and from moderators.
Thanks in advance!!!

BTW, if anyone wants to team up, let me know also. I am in the USA on Central time. And I have completed most OpenAI courses already. But at this point, I have no clue what to do and where to go to. :exploding_head:

Kaggle has its own set of tutorial projects.

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Just start doing them there :smiley:

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A little scared to take the plunge… :fearful:

Note that in addition to the tutorials they have, you also have the choice of starting with one of the challenges that has already been completed. That means you have some worked examples to compare with your solutions, meaning that you’re not just on your own at the beginning. There are lots of historical challenges on the website in addition to the currently active ones.

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For starter go for housing prediction challenge which is without timeline, you can practice.

@Dennis_Sinitsky as a starter I used to also check how other did their model creation or what was thought process behind that.

you can always mention in your project, that your project was encouraged by the project you have referred.

Kaggle allows to learn with flexibility, and recently I came to know even now our dataset will be available publicly.

There is a saying in hindi “Darr ke aage jeet hai” meaning beyond fear there is victory" :joy:

All the best!!!
Keep Learning!!!


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