How to trigger end of conversation or confirmation with ChatGPT?

In the ChatGPT Prompt engineering course we built a bot to take orders for a pizza restaurant, the thing is after the bot takes an order we need to get that data to save it to a database or use it in other ways, the questions is, how can we know when the order is confirmed to ask ChatGPT for the data in json format? How can we set a trigger for that?

I am thinking on checking if ChatGPT answer has the word “confirmed” then ask for a json format with all the data, but it could happen that the answer has that word and it’s not confirmed yet.

It could be that after all order details are given the bot can ask for a final confirmation from the client, once that is obtained then create the final json file.

Thanks for your answer!

I am trying that but I am having some problems:

  • ChatGPT has problems sorting the steps so sometimes it does not follow the instructions of what to do first, what next and what at the end, it could respond with the json in the middle of the conversation.
  • Sometimes it even skips a step, like the confirmation, even if I add the instruction carefully.

I ended up adding a secret_keyword, for example “confirmed123455”, then if that keyword shows in the bot answer I remove it before sending the answer to the customer and I ask chatGPT for a json format

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