How to use this colab with my google drive

So I have a dataset in my google drive that I would like to use for the interactive_eager_few_shot_od_training_colab. It has a lot of images and already has xml files for the bounding boxes so I would like to be able to place the images into the program and use the xml files to place the bounding boxes without having to do it manually. What code do I use to do this? Or where can I find the code for this? Thank you so much.

You need to find some code that will read in XML files and then find in coordinates of the bounding box and their label etc.

I did something similar with this in the past, there are some codes around that can help you like this one:

but you have to modify through testing it to suit your application.

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Hi Gent!

An excellent Notebook, I upvoted it, and I’m following you :-).
I will check your notebook about stock prediction with XGBoost as soon as I have some time.

@Waffles just in case you don’t run your notebook in Kaggle the library that Gent uses is ElementTree, and it is installed by default in your environment if you have python.

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Hi Pere,

Its not my work actually I am just pointing at it, there are several similar codes in the web. I would like to see your application if you may share when you are done with it, just out of curiosity.