I am facing in issue in Distributed Multi-worker TensorFlow Training on Kubernetes

Hello Learners, I am facing an issue in Task 3 please help

getting this error

@ balaji.ambresh please help sir

Your command starts with the project id. This is not a valid shell command. So, please fix it.

export TFJOB_BUCKET={PROJECT_ID}-bucket gsutil mb gs://{TFJOB_BUCKET}

This is the project Id “qwiklabs-gcp-02-aaf417db6b86”

What shall be the valid command ?


What changes are required in these sir ?

It seems like you are uncomfortable with basic shell programming. This is an advanced specialization and requires to know basic programming. I’m sorry. Please pick a book / course on shell programming before moving forward with this lab. Good luck.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience for the very basic queries sir :pray:

@balaji.ambresh i failed in completing the assignment got 70/100, till task 3 everything is running fine

Here are few of the queries i have


This has to be update on shell?

Note :I have updated everything on editor folder till callbacks !

  1. I have updated on editor tfjob.yaml file with this am I correct ?

I just saw your gsutil mb command. The command is run before defining TFJOB_BUCKET. Your problem is skipping steps without sufficient background to trace back. Please read up on shell programming before moving forward.

I don’t think there’s a cap on the number of times you can attempt a qwiklab. Please check with qwiklabs help to confirm this.

As far as your question about the kubernetes file is concerned, please share details about the failure message. I’m happy to help you.