I am getting this error here .I sliced X correctly x=X[:,t,:] though i am getting error

Hi @nspatilme ,

Try specifying the inputs for LSTM_cell:

LSTM_cell(inputs=x, initial_state=[a,c])

It worked ! wow ! Huuuuuush!

But I didn’t understand how it worked , please if you could help me to get better intuition about it it would be more beneficial as Currently I am student.

Thanks and regards

Please edit your messages and remove the code. Posting your code breaks the course Honor Code.

hi @TMosh

how can i find then where i am wrong please help

hey it didnt work for me

Hi @joshianirudh ,

In order to diagnose your problem, more information is needed. Could you show any error messages?

This didn’t work for me.
Thanks anyways

Hi @Mohammed_Alali

This thread may not necessary apply to your case. We are here to help. You can start a new thread and give as much information as possible, one of the mentors here will reply.

Hi, everyone.

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Could you all please specify us your queries and let us know what exact errors are you receiving at your end. If the issues are resolved, then please ignore this reply.