I am getting zero grader ,unable to detect the failure

For all exercises, I got this error “Grader found global variables inside graded fuctions. Please avoid using global variables in your functions.”

I verified all of my functions, even I refreshed the environment, with new notebook did all my changes again. Still getting the same error.

I could not debug where I am using global variable. Can you please help?

My lab id is xyhvjwcc

Hi Abrar_Hyder_Mohammed,

Unfortunately I cannot access your notebook through your lab id. But if you send me your notebook as an attachment to a direct message I can have a look.

I have the exact same problem. I get 0 in all graded functions, whereas everything works and All tests pass. I did look at all functions, I did not use any global variables. Can anyone help with this?

Same problem for me too… Keeps saying avois using global variables, where I clearly have used none!
C3_W1_Assignment.ipynb (220.2 KB)

Getting same error , tried by updating latest version of the notebook but still same error.Please
C3_W1_Assignment (2).ipynb (220.4 KB)