I got wrong in Trigger Word Detection

In C5 W3 second assignment Trigger Word Detection Exercise 5 “model”. I follow the guide to type my code, but I always get warning from tensorflow as following. Even I have checked my code many times and sure I haven’t typed anything wrong(perhaps).

And the interesting thing is even I didn’t modify any code and run the test unit cell again and again. The warning layer is increasing!!!

Yep, btw, I have tried to restart the kernel many times and this warning is still here!!!

When you don’t provide name to a tensorflow layer, the framework automatically assigns a name to the layer. You don’t have to worry about the layer name tensorflow assigns. Instead, look at the rest of the message where the real warning is.

Thanks for answering. I find the problem that I add an input X after the Model() function accidentally. I have deleted it and everything works fine! :rofl: :rofl: