I have a dobt how can i detect real world objects in pytorch?

hai i am new here my name is teddy , how can i detect real world objects with CNN ?

Spoiler alert: it’s not pytorch that’s important here, it’s the algorithm, which can be implemented in pytorch, keras, cuda, …

Thank you , yolo i will try it myself

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Here’s another one with a much more mellow soundtrack :rofl:

These examples should convince you that YOLO can detect objects, but it can be non-trivial to train your own model to do so. There are lots of blogs out on the interweb where people demonstrate their YOLO projects, some fairly detailed how-to. Let us know how it goes!

Okay thank you , I will be in touch.

Actually i meant how can i detect objects real world through camera :eg laptop front cam

Frame capture. For example…


i mean how to detect real world objects through camera, for example if we trained a cnn with 4 classes:- birds, cats, dogs & cars , how can i use pytorch to detect these classes through my laptop camera?

build and train a YOLO (or comparable) model. capture frames from the camera. pass captured images into the YOLO model. voila