I have a problem downloading dotenv

I am having a problem with the download of dotenv. Does anybody know how I can solve this? Thanks!

You can install it by specifying the package name python-dotenv.

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Do you have the specific line I should type? I tried using pip Install dotenv in the CMD console.

The specific command needed is as follows:

pip install python-dotenv


bro can you guide me on WhatsApp +923171237871about this I am little confuse

Sorry, I am unable to help you personally on WhatsApp.

Please describe your issue here on Discourse, and I will be glad to help.

I did not understand 2nd lecture’s name is Guidelines my background is not related to tech could you guide what I should do for a better understanding

I have not taken this course yet, so I don’t know which lecture you are referring to.

Regarding your background, if you are not from a tech background, then I suggest you start by learning a programming language like Python first, as it is easy to grasp.