I need a dataset for model

I have a problem
I need a dataset to make a Project
The idea of the project is to upload a song to my website, and the site separates the singer’s voice from the music, that is, each of them separately.
and i could not found a dataset to use

Hey there you should try searching on kaggle

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In addition to @aryan010204’s suggestion.
There are lots of datasets available online, try the “UCI Machine Learning Repository” for example.

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Hi @Mohammed_Barakat

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There is a lot of dataset resources on the internet, kaggle is one of then.

I recommend:


but depending on your business problem, it may be difficult to find a freely available dataset

I hope this help

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Thank you very much. I appreciate your effort, but the problem is that this is the first time I have searched for a data set. I tried hard, but I could not find dataset suitable for my project. Do you have any advice?

A good way to find a resource to a specific project is searching for papers related to it.

Not sure if the paper will share the dataset reference, but a i think it is a good alternative.

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paperswithcode it is a good example of a platform that can be use for searching papers and code examples of machine learning projects.

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For example, Moises it is a great app that was developed by three Brazilian guys and looks like it has a very similar approach to your project.

Take a look at it. Maybe it can help you in your project.

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I don’t know how to thank you, you are a truly wonderful person

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I’m glad to help!

I wish you all the luck in your project.

Don’t forget to search for another resources. Having a good and diversified dataset it is a key point to make sure you model will have a good performance on training and testing.

In additional, you can search for datasets using keywords in your search such as:

  • machine learning; dataset; singing voice separation; speech recognition and so on.

Searching for this keywords on the google academic could return a viable assets.

best regards

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