I need assistance with completing the naive Bayes programming assignment

I have no programming experience. I am trying to complete the following assignment:

  1. Naive Bayes Classifier (Continuous): Implement a Naive Bayes classifier for continuous data generated in Section 1.

In this programming assignment, I just ran the code that was already in the Jupyter notebook. not sure if I need to create new code or just copy and paste what’s in the Notebook itself, Get the results and then use that as the answer.
thanks in advance for your support.

Hi @rudy_wilson,
Please kindly indicate the course you are currently taking.
Also, most of the courses require some basic Python skills. If possible, enroll in a basic Python course before you continue this one.

Please use the “pencil” icon in the thread title, and move your thread to the correct one for the course you’re attending.

This will help a mentor to find your question.

thanks, I will take your advice and enroll in the basic python course. But also will continue in the class.

This is for Statistics for machine learning.

I’ll move this thread to the “Math for Machine Learning” specialization, Course 3, Week 1.

The functions you need to complete in Section 2 “Building a Dog Breed Classifier using Naive Bayes” in this notebook are:

  • pdf_uniform()
  • pdf_gaussian()
  • pdf_binomial()
  • compute_breed_proportions()
  • prob_of_X_given_C()
  • predict_breed()