I obtain the same result with different files

I have submitted many different files to the grader.
I am rather surprised that the result is always the same, exactly the same. How is this possible if the files are different?
This is the feedback, always exactly the same: 18.75% of your images were classified as hands with a confidence greater than 60% by a hand classifier. At least 50.00% is required to pass.
Detailed list:
score for image hand0.png: 0.521
score for image hand1.png: 0.558
score for image hand2.png: 0.595
score for image hand3.png: 0.259
score for image hand4.png: 0.816
score for image hand5.png: 0.316
score for image hand6.png: 0.595
score for image hand7.png: 0.277
score for image hand8.png: 0.522

One might ask a different question, which is why submit images with such low scores? This thread might provide some ideas about a different approach: Tip for satisfying the GANS with Hands grader - #2 by balaji.ambresh


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