I would like to learn AI

Hi Iam Mugdha, I would like to leran ai engineering

@AwesomeArt Hey, welcome.

One thing struck me about something Prof Ng. says at the conclusion of the final lecture of one of the classes I’ve been in:

And that is basically, AI holds promise, but it should also, in the end, help people.

I myself, sometimes find myself thinking I am an AI ‘pessimist’ these days. I don’t even like using the term… It wasn’t a big deal when I was starting… It was called ML or ‘Machine Learning’, and I still find that much more appropriate.

Yet, it may perhaps be useful in your studies-- not that the end is to ‘make money’, but consider some rather difficult problem in your community that can be solved.

While AI can seem ‘huge’, ML is practical and small.

Picking a problem or injustice you wish to change in the world I feel will also make your studies more focused.


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