Idea: move the "Note" within Exercise 1 - yolo_filter_boxes

This is just an idea for improvement:

In the Course 4 Assignment 1 notebook “Autonomous_driving_application_Car_detection” under Exercise 1 - yolo_filter_boxes, I think someone should move the Note currently shown below the “Expected Output” to instead be above the first code box.

The reason I say this is because I didn’t see it until after completing the exercise, and it was confusing to see values not within the 0-1 range for probability and not seeing positive box coordinates. Ideally this exercise would be updated to use realistic values instead of random ones, but moving the Note would still help a lot.

The note says this:

Note In the test for yolo_filter_boxes , you’re using random numbers to test the function. In real data, the box_class_probs would contain non-zero values between 0 and 1 for the probabilities. The box coordinates in boxes would also be chosen so that lengths and heights are non-negative.

Thanks for your suggestion!

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