I'm looking for friends to learn together, Anybody interested?

Reply if any body is interested. Lets talk at discord : faizal_iitj


I don’t know when to use what terminals for what projects I have in mind whatsoever. So the more friends the merrier for me! Hiya.

I am trying to learn as well! Let’s do this! :weight_lifting_man: :weight_lifting_woman:


count me in! :raised_hands:
I have just started learning in deep learning and I really hope that can learn together

me too!

lets grow together!

I have just started the deep learning specialisation course. It would be good to learn together!!

my discord username: faizal_iitj

guys I’ve just updated the body part and added discord username lets talk there

Almost finish the DL spécialisation bus I m interestred to learn with you and discuss about the intuition behind some model ! my discord username : mouradel11

Hey nice meeting you. I’m interested

Which topics and stuff are you learning?
I would like to learn together.

i can join too

Yup I am totally interested… Let’s join in. Btw do you have a server cuz that would be better for grp discussions.

there gotta be a roadmap, a plan, a strategy for working and studying together

I’m interested. Send me your discord

Let’s go

I am interested . . . .