Image_segmentation_Unet_v2 Parameter Error

In Exercise 3, unet_model, line 23 & 24 has a parameter dropout=None, while the correct name of this parameter is dropout_prob in out self-defined function conv_block.

This incorrect parameter name will result in an error message:

“TypeError: conv_block() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘dropout’”

Hey! Could you check your argument list for the function conv_block() (which you made in Exercise 1) and see if you’ve used a wrong argument in the Exercise 3 when calling it?

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It is dropout_prob in the function conv_block() while in unet_model it uses ‘dropout’. I think it is a mistake. I am not sure who should I contact to report this so I post here.

And since you’re calling conv_block there, you’d pass the value through the argument named “dropout_prob” right? The comment there is just to tell you what value you have to use for dropout.

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