Implementing in python

hi. i have trouble understanding codes written in functions provided in the modules we need to import like “”. I can’t understand all of the codes, because there is no explanation. I wish there were explanation provided for these codes as well. I want to know that is it the way this specialization is going to teach the implementation of ML algorithms in python with no explanation whatsoever?
I think this way it gets too hard to learn the implementation in python.

Hi @Ehsan_10537

The pre-requisites for this specialization is programming in Python. If you have knowledge of other programming language, it should be very easy to pick up Python. However, if you don’t have any programming experience, it might be better to pause on this course and do a course that would give you the foundation. In this way, you will get the most benefit out of this series of courses. Take a look at Coursera’s catalogue, they offers a range of courses on the Python programming language.

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Just an update on this thread:

One of our mentors has written a post under the MLS resources providing advice and links to various resources on learning Python.