ImportError: Cannot find reference 'keras' in ' |'

I am using intellij IDEA to try out some of the codes we learn in the course.
but I cannot seem to find keras when I use the command:
from tensorflow.keras.models import Sequential
but it can find keras when i write:
from tensorflow.python.keras.models import Sequential

I am new to python so I am a little confused… are these two import the same thing? should I do something to make it work?

If you can explain the difference, it’ll be great help.

Generally we don’t provide support for platforms other than Coursera Labs. There are just too many different platforms, all with whatever installation options you may have chosen.

Apparently your versions of TensorFlow and Keras requires the “.python” path be included.

The versions used in the course are fairly old, and new versions never work the same as the previous ones.