Init functionality of class inheriting from the Layers class

Hi, I understand the functionality of super().init but in the video lecture “Custom Layer Code Walkthrough”, the code is super(SimpleDense, self).init() which is something I don’t understand. Can you please explain this line to me?

Thank You.

Does this link help?

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Hi, I’m having the same question but the link is dead. Could you provide another link please? Thank you!

Here’s one on inheritance in python. Adding @gent.spah if you need further help on this specialization.

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There are many tutorials about the inheritance and super() usage in python online as @balaji.ambresh pointed out. Here is another one:

"When you initialize a child class in Python, you can call the super().init() method. This initializes the parent class object into the child class.

In addition to this, you can add child-specific information to the child object as well. "

There are cases when it is not used though some of them are mentioned here: